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Burgerweeshuispad 201
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Bring a Laptop & Notebook | Max 50 Participants

Design an App and Get It Built!

Learn about Research, Design and Prototyping


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Come and have a Taste of UX Design together From the creators of Taste of Code. You can now dive into the world of User Experience Design.


Find out what design is all about and learn professional software in an engaging workshop. Make things pretty, and especially make things work for your user! Dive into the world of design and prototyping!


Everything around you has been designed in some way; from buildings to the apps you use every day. People in all industries can benefit from learning design to boost their productivity, happiness and e-skills.


During our beginner design workshop you will learn the basics on the fly. Work on your own ideas and if you win, get it built in a real project with our developers! Designer skills are useful throughout your life and together with professionals you can learn the basics of design in one day.


The Codaisseur Academy provides you with a training exercises and expert coaching throughout the day. Show up at the Codaisseur Academy in Amsterdam and just bring a notebook and laptop.

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